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AS3: Inline methods

Added 04-09-2013 to category Archive[actionscript, inline, inlining]

You might know the inlining concept from other programming languages as C++, the idea is quite simple. If you are familiar with assembly languages and their processing in CPU, you know the…

AS3: How to check if a value of a given key exists in Dictionary?

Added 03-09-2013 to category Archive[as3, dictionary, null, undefined, dynamic class]

Most of AS3 rookies encounter a problem, when they need to check whether a given value exists in the Dictionary And most of them, according to some general…

Various aspects of controller data dependency in ROBOTLEGS

Added 07-12-2012 to category Archive[as3, robotlegs, mvc, payload, command]

Several weeks ago, while implementing one sick game...:)... I dealt with a minor mind-job that I try to explain now. It's about Command's role in Model-Controller relationship of the MVCS …

AS3: Singleton design pattern

Added 09-08-2011 to category Archive[design pattern, singleton, private constructor, as3, actionscript,…]

It has been a while since I was thinking how to bypass AS3 incapability of private constructors. I was looking for a suitable solution, but none of the found has met…